Bahia Turquesa Residences Spends Time at Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park

See amazing wildlife while you are in Costa Rica.

See amazing wildlife while you are in Costa Rica.

Bahia Turquesa Residences knows that for many travelers, one of the most exciting elements of a vacation is the opportunity to experience the beautiful sightseeing opportunities in the area. One country seems to offer some of the best variety of different landscapes that each and every visitors can enjoy. This fall, head to Costa Rica to live out the vacation you have always been dreaming of.

This popular South American country offers travelers the chance to spend time in nature, something that simply can’t be done in every city. In fact, there are several prominent national parks that are found in the country. Manuel Antonio National Park is perhaps the most popular, and here are some of the top reasons why vacationers from all around the globe choose to visit this spot.

Although this is the smallest of the national parks found in the country with just 3 miles in the park, travelers shouldn’t let the size throw them off. There are secluded coves, unspoiled coasts that stretch along the cerulean blue water, and nature trails that lead through a thick forest. The wildlife, especially the many monkeys that live in the park, is one of the best things about the experience. Don’t forget your camera and be sure to capture the rare birds, iguanas, and even the purple and orange colored crabs.

Bahia Turquesa Residences knows that Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the top destinations in the country, so for anyone visiting Costa Rica this fall, be sure to make time in your schedule to stop here.

Bahia Turquesa Residences Suggests White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Bahia Turquesa Residences knows that Costa Rica is a fantastic place to engage in many different activities. Along with the many fantastic activities available in this country, on land and in the ocean, Costa Rica is actually one of the greatest places on earth for white water rafting, and rafting is an experience that all travelers are encouraged to try it when they visit Costa Rica.

While water levels in the Costa Rican rivers change with rainfall, water rafting is available all year round. For between $75 and $90 dollars, you should find yourself treated to a full fun filled day of rafting, though it depends on where you are headed. The great thing about the rafting that is available in Costa Rica is that with all the available rivers, there are places for rafters at all different levels of expertise. Rivers like Reventazon and Penas Blancas are perfect for less experienced rafters but there are more intense rides available as well.

Bahia Turquesa Residences says that white water rafting is also a great way to take in the beauty of the country. Pacure River is especially known for its scenic beauty, so hopping in a kayak and traveling down this river not only allows for some fun and adventure, it also offers ample opportunities for taking the tranquil tropical surroundings. Next time you visit the paradise that is Costa Rica, white water rafting is a great way to experience all that the area has to offer.

Bahia Turquesa Residences Shares Top Tips for Airport Travel This Summer

Bahia Turquesa Residences, a top provider of luxury travel accommodations and amenities,  knows that when it comes to preparing for travel, one of the toughest parts is dealing with actually getting to your destination. Whether it comes to enduring long lines, making sure to follow all the necessary security precautions, or even navigating confusing terminals, the airport often is on the list of least favorite parts of travel. Unfortunately this is a necessary part of the experience, but there are ways to improve your travel experience

  1. Arrive early. Bahia Turquesa Residences recommends that every traveler allow themselves enough time to get to their terminal. The most common recommendation is at least 2 hours, and this should allow plenty of time to get through.
  2. Print out all tickets or itineraries: This is important to have included your belongings, and it’s always a good idea to carry extras in a separate place in case of loss or theft. Keep in mind that some airlines allow their guests to check in online before the departure of their plane as well, so this might be another way to avoid long lines and should be done if possible.
  3. Look up the TSA guidelines before departure and make sure none of your belongings are something that could cause for a hold up. There are certain restrictions about liquids and gels, so opt for travel size when it comes to beauty products or other similar items. Also, adhere to the list of items to avoid bringing on a flight if possible. This should help avoid longer than necessary time at any security checkpoints.

Bahia Turquesa Residences on Being Prepared for Vacation

Vacations where travelers are properly prepared should be a given, Bahia Turquesa Residences believes. Some level of spontaneity in regards to a vacation will keep things fresh, but certain preparations will help guarantee a trip is enjoyed to the fullest. Planning ahead to put in a certain period of time for a vacation should be done first. Not all workplaces will accommodate every vacation request. Knowing when it is possible to take off from work is good for the individual and the workplace. When a period of time is set in place, the rest of the planning can commence.

Bahia Turquesa Residences encourages travelers to research and shop for the best deals possible. This takes time and diligence on the traveler’s part, but being able to save money will allow a bigger budget for the rest of the trip. The stage of planning can also be used to find specific events, areas, and activities to enjoy.

Proper packing for a vacation will make the experience that much more pleasant, as Bahia Turquesa Residences is well aware. The right kind of clothes must be packed for the right kind of environment. Certain personal items for the traveler helps save the traveler the time and money of having to shop for them on vacation. A hat and sunscreen is essential whenever traveling in sunny weather. By taking a particular environment into consideration, a traveler is well prepared on vacation.